The Kraken and Giant Squids

This guided tour talkes about the infamous Kraken from Scandinavian folklore, and it’s distant relations the Sea Monk and the Sea Bishop. My collegue Kennet Lundin also tell us about real giant squids who dwells in the depths. From Gothenburg Natural History Museum. Only in Swedish.

Bears in Mythology

New film from Gothenburgs Natural History Museum, this time I talk about bears in mythology! Only in Swedish.

A Readers Marathon

I will be part of a marathon – in reading Swedish fantasy! This readathon will be ongoing this entire summer and every week two authors will go live on Instagram at @fantastikathon and talk and answer to questions! I will go live on the 18 of June at 12 pm […]

Ravens in Mythology

The guide Ida Öhnell tells us about ravens in both myth and nature. Video from Gothenburg Natural history Museum. Only in Swedish.

World Book Day

Today “Kingdom with no Name” turns 2 years old! I did the illustrations for this book and Arie D has written it for his children. It was published by Belletrist Publishing on the World Book Day in 2018. To see some of the illustrations you can have a look at […]

To Escape Corona?

Remember that now is the time to read books. If you have not read Trollkarlens arvinge yet, now is the best time! Because we all need escapism at this moment, noone knows for how long the quarantine will last and we need to stop checking the news and our bank […]


I have always loved to paint skin! Not only beige and brown but ALL colours reside in the human skin. If you look closer you can see the tip of your finger turn red and the veins on your vrist blue. An olive green reside in the shadow and a shy […]


I always did enjoy painting faces with piercing eyes. There is something unnerving about them that makes you question who is really looking back at you? A made up character? My inner self? Or an ancient spirit that wanted me to capture them on paper? The last one might seem […]

Happy New Decade!

The year has come to an end, and so has the decade! We are entering the roaring twenties and I hope it will bring a lot of good things! Hopefully I will be able to print my new novel next year, fingers crossed, and hopefully you guys will want to […]