New Posters!

Hooray! Now you can buy some of my illustrations as posters at

You can choose from eight different motifs!

Nya posters!

Nu går det att köpa posters av mina illustrationer på 😊🎨💃 Åtta olika motiv finns att välja på! 🎉🇬🇧 Now you can buy posters of my illustrations at 😊🎨💃 You can choose from eight different motifs!🎉

Slået op af Ida Öhnell Art i Fredag den 4. september 2020


There are a lot of enchanting stories about dragonflies in folklore. In this video I talk about a few of them, like why it’s called Dragonfly in English, why it’s “The Devil’s Needle” and how come the Samurai wore them on their helmets.

Ida och trollsländorna

Fandens hest, djävulsnål, öyenstikker … Kärt barn har många namn. Vi pratar såklart om trollsländor. Ida Öhnell är tillbaka med ännu en visning. Var så goda!

Slået op af Göteborgs Naturhistoriska Museum i Onsdag den 15. juli 2020

This video only exists in Swedish, yet.

Summer Greetings!

Greetings from me and #thewizardsheir in my favorite hideaway! 😊🌞🌻 After the summer I will announce exciting news about the sequel… 📖🔥

Video by @prosaman ! 🙏


Sommarhälsningar från mig och #trollkarlensarvinge i mitt favoritgömställe! 😊🌞🌻 Efter sommaren kommer jag dela glada nyheter om uppföljaren… 📖🔥// Greetings from me and #thewizardsheir in my favorite hideaway! 😊🌞🌻 After the summer I will announce exciting news about the sequel… 📖🔥🎥 by @prosaman ! 🙏

Slået op af Trollkarlens arvinge i Tirsdag den 11. august 2020

The Kraken and Giant Squids

This guided tour talkes about the infamous Kraken from Scandinavian folklore, and it’s distant relations the Sea Monk and the Sea Bishop. My collegue Kennet Lundin also tell us about real giant squids who dwells in the depths. From Gothenburg Natural History Museum. Only in Swedish.


Kraken, sjömunkar och jättebläckfiskar. Vår guide, Ida Öhnell, och vår biolog, Kennet Lundin, reder ut begreppen.

Slået op af Göteborgs Naturhistoriska Museum i Torsdag den 2. juli 2020

Bears in Mythology

New film from Gothenburgs Natural History Museum, this time I talk about bears in mythology! Only in Swedish.

Vår guide Ida är tillbaka – den här gången berättar hon om björnar i mytologin.

Slået op af Göteborgs Naturhistoriska Museum i Lørdag den 20. juni 2020

A Readers Marathon

I will be part of a marathon – in reading Swedish fantasy! This readathon will be ongoing this entire summer and every week two authors will go live on Instagram at @fantastikathon and talk and answer to questions! I will go live on the 18 of June at 12 pm (CET). It will be in Swedish but I will also post an answer to any questions in Stories. You can also win a signed book from me by entering the photo competition. Get more information at @fantastikathon on Instagram.

Watch the interview here:

World Book Day

Today “Kingdom with no Name” turns 2 years old! I did the illustrations for this book and Arie D has written it for his children. It was published by Belletrist Publishing on the World Book Day in 2018. To see some of the illustrations you can have a look at my portfolio.