Hello world!

Hi all visitors, and welcome!

My new website is now up and running and I have great hopes for it! New images, stories and items in the shop will arrive soon so welcome back for a new look once in a while!

Again, my warmest welcome!

All the best/ Ida


My portrait was taken in May 2015 by the wonderful photographer AnnaCarin Isaksson


Painting Away

Hi everybody!

Here I am, painting away at my desk. Making the last illustrations for the theater show at Lorensberg. They will be enlarged ten times and put on stage for Hellmans Drengars Christmas show “I väntan på Julbocken”. It has been quite a ride this year, staring up my business for real, and going for it. I still have a long way to go but from my point of view my business is flourishing! And I feel excited every morning when I wake up and cannot wait to get to work. I am not sure I have ever felt like that before. So a big thank you to all of my friends and family that has believed in me and supported me this far, you are truly amazing!

It is my dear friend Johanna Olausson that has photographed me. She is an illustrator and graphic designer and you can visit her webshop if you click on her name.

All the best/ Ida

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Día de Muertos

The Mexican Association in Gothenburg had a Mexican Halloween on the 1st of November 2015 at Trädgårdsföreningen in Gothenburg. I helpt them to paint a “Catrina” to their poster and program.


The picture was much appreciated by the Mexican Embassy in Sweden!


Christmas cards

Soon it is Christmas and I am printing Christmas cards!

These Christmas cards are from to the show “I väntan på julbocken” at Lorensbergs theatre.


Buy them in the webshop!

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The ginger bread party

Illustration for a picture book that I am working on called “My grandmother is a monster tamer”!

Nike – The Winged Goddess of Victory

In ancient Greece there was a winged goddess called Nike or as the Roman called her: Victoria. She was the goddess of victory and the most famous depiction of her is Nike of Samothrake, a statue that has lost it’s head. In my depiction I have focused on only the head instead.

En sagolik jul

“I väntan på Julbocken” at Lorensbergs Theatre

Illustration I made for a poster and this is the finished result. A Christmas concert by the choir Hellmans Drengar at the Lorensberg theatre in Gothenburg, Sweden, 2015. My illustration has been seen travelling around the city on trams all autumn. And now in December the show will take place. Not only will my illustrations be in the program but they have also crawled up on stage and enlarged ten times they become the scenography for the whole show!

To the show!



Buy the Christmas cards from the show in the webshop!

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A private customer ordered piano hands and these hands belongs to the talented young classical pianist Séan Morgan-Rooney from Northern Ireland. I photographed him playing the grand piano at our Student dormitory in London. Many students from the Royal Academy of Music stayed there and those of us who were not studying music were sometimes invited to concerts at the Academy. 

Young Romantic in Hyde Park

Painting in oil colours, 1 x 1 meters.

Portrait of William Taylor in Hyde Park, London, summer 2013.

I was inspired to paint portraits when I lived in London and I photographed several of my friends there to paint when I got back home to my studio at my farm in Sweden. I was looking for the feeling of Nordic turn-of-the-century painting: Impressionistic or even neo impressionism.