Writing box

I am currently working hard on the follow up to Trollkarlens arvinge (The Wizard’s Heir) and soon I will be able to show you some text!

Keep an eye out! 🙂

/ Ida

Book Fair 2019

This year I will not participate in any events on the great Book Fair in Gothenburg. I will instead put my energy in completing my new novel. But nevertheless I will probably pop in for a few meetings and mingles since it’s just around the corner.

Above you se a few pictures from the last three years of visiting the Book Fair. When I was interviewed at the stand of Belletrist Publishing, when I was interviewed by Kerstin Önnerbo (Skrivarpodden) for the first time and also when I signed my novel at the great stand of the Science Fiction Bookstore.

Have a Happy Book Fair Everybody! 🙂

Artwork Inception

A portrait of myself and one of my larger oil colour paintings. A garden within a garden. An artwork within a work of art. Inception.

This one depicts my friend William posing in the Italian garden in Hyde Park, London. My idea was to bring a sense of impressionism and turn of the century romanticism onto the panel. My inspiration was partly taken from Skagen painters like Peder Severin Kröyer and Michael Ancher but also by the painting Nordic Summer Evening by Richard Bergh. Inspired also by London and my well dressed friends during my University exchange year I mixed these favorite themes together. Making history and present merge in a sense. As well as merging the nordic light with London and Great Britain.


Writing a Follow Up

I am writing the follow up to The Wizard’s Heir – Trollkarlens arvinge! And though it has been very hard to write a second book, knowing I do not want to disappoint the readers who loved the first book, I am almost done with the first draft. It has been lovely to receive such great response on the first novel and it has fired me up to be able to complete the second one!

The second novel about the wizarding family Zenithar will be called The Witch’s Apprentice – Häxans lärling.

It contains again a lot of action and mystic people and places. One new feature in the second novel is the return of seven witches to Aurgard.


I am now looking for publishers and agents interested in my work and who would want to represent me. If that is you, write to me at ida@ohnell.com

Best Regards/ Ida

Ships in the Mist

Painted ships in mist to NHR (Neurologiskt Handikappades Riksförbund/ Association for Neurological Disorders) in Göteborg 🎨 Watercolour on paper.

You can support their important work at www.neuro/gbg.se 🐞

Ruby the Dragon

This illustration show the children finding Ruby for the first time in the children’s pricture book that I painted for Arie D. Kungariket utan Namn, Belletrist Publishing, 2018. (Kingdom with no Name)


Dramaturgy in The Wizard’s Heir

Skrivarpodden (The Writing Pod) interviewed me about dramaturgy and how I use it when I write. See the short interview below, only in Swedish.

What I talk about is how I use the classic dramaturgy with a beginning, middle and end.. The beginning consists of the introduction of characters and plot. The middle deepens the plot until we reach the point of no return. After that the end de-escalate the plot. This is the classic curve within the study of dramaturgy and is frequently used in books, movies and theatre. I chose this dramaturgy to give my novel Trollkarlens arvinge (The Wizard’s Heir) a smooth and delightful reading experience. / Ida