Writing a Follow Up

I am writing the follow up to The Wizard’s Heir – Trollkarlens arvinge! And though it has been very hard to write a second book, knowing I do not want to disappoint the readers who loved the first book, I am almost done with the first draft. It has been […]

Ida Öhnell reads from Trollkarlens arvinge

As one out of three top nominees I was invited to the Selma Award Price Ceremony. The winner Kristina Emanuelsson and I received flowers for our novels. I also read the first pages of my novel at the ceremony, Vulkan publishing, Stockholm 5th April, 2017). This is what it sounded like! […]

The Wall of Wizard Friends

All the Wizard’s friends has supported the novel and are a part of it’s magical family! These people are superheroes and have all received a special place in Aurgard! They have made sure that The Wizard’s Heir will be printed into a novel that you can read! Wizard friends, and citizens […]

The Wizard’s Heir Chapter 1

This translation of the chapter has been made by myself with the help of my dear friend James Coghill, who is a British poet and a Cambridge man. Visit his blog The Solenette. O Through the black autumn storm an alarm rang out across the woodlands. Birds and other flying […]

The Wizard’s Heir on Kickstarter

The Wizard’s Heir (in Swedish first) has been crowdfunded!!! Reach the campaign on Kickstarter! Follow the novel on Facebook You can test read the first chapter in English: Chapter 1 And the first 6 chapters in Swedish: Kapitel 1 Kapitel 2 Kapitel 3 Kapitel 4 Kapitel 5 Kapitel 6   The official trailer! My illustrations has […]