Wish I had known?

What do I wish that I had known when I started to write? Maybe that everything takes ten times more time than you think… In this video I try to explain. Interview by Skrivarpodden and this is the LAST VIDEO of SIX in this series. Enjoy!

Dramaturgy in The Wizard’s Heir

Skrivarpodden (The Writing Pod) interviewed me about dramaturgy and how I use it when I write. See the short interview below, only in Swedish. What I talk about is how I use the classic dramaturgy with a beginning, middle and end.. The beginning consists of the introduction of characters and […]

Writing Characters?

In this short interview I talk about how I write and get to know the characters in my novels! Interviewer was Skrivarpodden at 2018 Book Fair in Gothenburg. Only in Swedish (Sorry). / Ida

Writing Flow?

This videointerview from Skrivarpodden only exists in Swedish How do I find my writing flow?

Strategy for writers!

This post only exists i Swedish Strategi för blivande författare! Ibland behöver författaren tänka igenom några frågor för att komma i mål eller för att nå sina läsare. Därför tänker jag dela med mig av några frågor som jag tänkt mycket på i och med att jag crowdfundade och gav […]

Preformance Anxiety?

Skrivarpodden (The Writing Pod) interviewed me about preformance anxiety when writing my novels. It’s only in Swedish but you can hear me laughing nervously when I might not have the great answer 🙂 Enjoy / Ida

Tjolöholm’s Castle

Here are some photos from last weeks Christmas Book Signing at Tjolöholm Castle, south of Gothenburg. It was an amazing day and I am so happy to have met so many nice people there!

Castle Christmas Signing

Christmas Book Signings 2018: On the 2nd of December I will sign my novel at Tjolöholm Castle! I’ll be in the Castle Butique from 12 am to 4 pm. On the 20th of December I will sign my novel at Antikhallarna in Gothenburg, between 11 am and 2 pm. Hope […]

In Good Company

I was very happy to read that the Swedish Library Service (BTJ) find my writing to be in leauge with great names like Diana Wynne Jones and Holly Black! The words make me want to write a lot more!