The Wizard’s Heir Chapter 1

This translation of the chapter has been made by myself with the help of my dear friend James Coghill, who is a British poet and a Cambridge man. Visit his blog The Solenette. O Through the black autumn storm an alarm rang out across the woodlands. Birds and other flying […]

The Viking attack on Paris, an eyewitness account

2. There are many legends, sagas and myths hidden in the ground beneath us, and in this series of articles I am going to share some of my favorite stories. They have influenced my literary writings with their exciting and imaginative characters and situations. Today I will tell you about a story […]

Dance Network

I have illustrated a header to the new Dansnätverket (Dance Network) which is being developed right now by the National Theater in Gothenburg (Riksteatern Väst).

Allie and the Dragon

I am working on a picture book for children called Allie and the Dragon. Allie lives in a castle and in this first picture she starts to long for an adventure. Will she find one? Only the reader will know… Below are two spreads from the book (without the text). Allie in […]

The National Theatre

This years “Scenkonstdagarna” (Stage Art Event) took place this February. Riksteatern Väst, or the National Theatre in West Sweden, invites stage artist to perform and I have illustrated the mascots and images for the event. You will find a link to the Swedish webpage here: Scenkonstdagarna  


A large oil painting, 1 x 1 meter, depicting trolls who have stolen a human baby. A typical tale from Swedish folklore.


Painting in oil colours. 70 x 100 cm.

Illustrations on stage

I made the illustrations that were put on stage for the Christmas show “I väntan på julbocken” by the choir Hellmans Drengar! (At Lorensbergs theatre in Gothenburg). Scenfoton av Ola Dyrhill.   Buy post cards from the show: