I have always loved to paint skin! Not only beige and brown but ALL colours reside in the human skin. If you look closer you can see the tip of your finger turn red and the veins on your vrist blue. An olive green reside in the shadow and a shy […]

Artwork Inception

A portrait of myself and one of my larger oil colour paintings. A garden within a garden. An artwork within a work of art. Inception. This one depicts my friend William posing in the Italian garden in Hyde Park, London. My idea was to bring a sense of impressionism and […]


Painting in acrylic and oil colours. 30 x 30 cm.

Come and paint with me on Kulturnatta!

Welcome to a workshop with me at Brewhouse on the 23rd of January! We will be painting lots and lots and you can come when ever you feel like it between 3pm and 8pm. There will also be an interview with me on stage together with other artists about my […]


A large oil painting, 1 x 1 meter, depicting trolls who have stolen a human baby. A typical tale from Swedish folklore.


Painting in oil colours. 70 x 100 cm.

Painting Away

Hi everybody! Here I am, painting away at my desk. Making the last illustrations for the theater show at Lorensberg. They will be enlarged ten times and put on stage for Hellmans Drengars Christmas show “I väntan på Julbocken”. It has been quite a ride this year, staring up my business […]