THANK YOU to ALL who has backed me!!

This Kickstarter campaign has succeeded only because of all of you who has backed me!!! <3

A big THANK YOU to all of you! Your names are in my heart when I write these words!


A big thank you to my family who supports me and my crazy ideas! 🙂 And an extra thank you to my mother who proofread almost everything that I write!


Thank you to Francesa Linder and Stefan Warnqivst who has acted text editors!

Thank you to James Coghill who is helping me with the translation into English!

Thank you to the bloggers Bokhuset and Boktugg, who wrote about my campaign!

And a big thank you to the Science Fictions Book Store in Gothenburg for believing in me!


I would also like to thank all of my colleges at my freelance office:

Jacob and Sofie from SOJA, the nicest animators that I know! Jacob animated my trailer and Sofie is helping me with the layout.

Magnus and Mathias from Rexius Records, who always help me out! Mathias composed the soundtrack to the novel and Magnus built the foundation for my webpage.

Jimi from Scan & Plan, who helped me getting the Kickstarter page together, and with his brilliant business mind he has given me a lot of great ideas!

Simon from Njutningsfrämjandet, who inspired me with his successful Kickstarter campaign, Gbg Soda, and always have time to give me advice or get me in a better mood.

Fredrik and Andreas from Mindora, who gave me the fundamental knowledge about the crowdfunding process. We will soon be able to crowdfund new campaigns from their Swedish platform Mindora!

Amazing AnnaCarin Isaksson who photographed my profile portraits! annacarinisaksson

And to all the rest of my office mates who has been there for me, hugged me and patted me along this scary road. You are many, and you are all lovely! <3

Thank you also to Brewhouse Inkubator and my business coaches Johan, Tomas and Martina who has pushed me ahead and comforted me when I have failed.


You won’t go anywhere alone, but together we are strong!


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